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Toronto-born singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Jennie Laws has emerged as a beautiful and brilliantly talented arrival on the cutting edge of today’s music.

She’s best known for her unique songwriting skills, distinctive sultry voice, and story-telling delivery, with the ability to bring it all together in one accessible and appealing package.

The pulsating soundscape exposed through her most recent single “Everything You Know About Me,” has us completely absorbed in the warm vibrations radiating from a clear as day summer track. Transporting us to the shoreline where we hear this single acting as the soundtrack to our life, the balminess radiated from the welcoming environment sends us into overdrive.

With mid-tempo instrumentation that compliments her sensual vocals, the smoky essence is a contrast that hones in the overall structure of this truly unique summer vibe. From melodically capturing your attention the moment this song begins, you get taken into a world that is authentic to Jennie Laws and the virtuoso talents that she personifies. What we love the most about “Everything You Know About Me,” has to be the fact that it takes over your very being in a way that conveys vivid imagery to the musical landscapes Jennie Laws has set in place for her audience.

It’s hard to replicate such a quintessential trait that ultimately gives a record its entire groove. Jennie Laws proves that she doesn’t need to fit into a cookie-cutter of genres in order to take the world by storm. Getting us all prepared for the summer, we’ll be keeping this track on repeat.

Hello Jennie Laws, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Everything You Know About Me.” This is the ultimate summer vibe wrapped into a single song! What inspired the narrative behind this piece?

Thank you so much! Right? The song is such a vibe. You know, the concept “Everything You Know About Me” just came out naturally once we created the guitar riff and drum groove, so we just rolled with it and didn’t second guess ourselves. That feeling when someone close to you has that power over you because they know too much and could expose you if they wanted to, but you trust them and that’s the beauty of it. I wanted to capture that reality in a song without overthinking it.

In your own words, what does this song mean to you? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from it?

From love lost and love gained, to moving back home and reconnecting with my roots, this song deals with the core of who I am and inspires others to be themselves. From secrets and fears to excitement about the joys in life. Everything you share with the people closest to you. We all experienced that getting through the pandemic and finding a new footing in life. I’m hoping the listener takes away a sense of vulnerability from the song – that feeling when you open yourself up to someone completely, revealing all which is good and bad about yourself. But that it’s also a wonderful thing, a rare joyful beautiful thing to be treasured and celebrated, urging you to move and sway to its infectious rhythm.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when you brought this song to life? Do you find that being well-rounded in all aspects of your craft allows this process to flow more naturally?

Most definitely! Well, producer Frank Nebula and I were in the studio in Los Angeles one day not too long ago, and he asked me to play a guitar line that I was vibing with. I’ve been really digging this lo-fi guitar sound that has been growing on me as a listener. From there we built a complementary drum groove around the guitar, and I was instantly inspired with a vocal melody and even a few lyrics to get us started, so we could finish the bass and drum idea before I headed back home to Toronto. I couldn’t stop dancing to it! After I left town, he worked on it a bit more on his own using a rough vocal loop I had quickly recorded, then sent me the stems so I could start layering and completing the track. We had another writing session over Skype, mutually agreeing that we should trust our instincts and stick with our natural reaction to the beat with the concept “Everything You Know About Me.” This got me pouring out my heart and writing the rest of the melody and lyrics. I didn’t hesitate, I just let it flow freely. I recorded more guitars, through my Peavey amp and AKG C-1000 microphone on my Fender Stratocaster, and completed the vocals over the course of about a week because I was juggling a bunch of other projects. I used a Neumann U87 for the vocals. Usually, I’m like a mad scientist in the studio, going nuts with tons of harmonies and production ideas, but this time we decided to keep it simple and just create a vibe. I do find that it helps a lot to be able to play instruments, record and edit audio myself, and have enough knowledge of production and composition to never feel stuck musically or that I can’t take something all the way to its completion without outside help. It really is very empowering, and I always encourage other singer/songwriters to learn these skills so that they have the freedom too to accomplish whatever they desire.

What’s your mission statement as an artist?

My mission statement as an artist has been the same since I was fourteen years old: to spread universal Love through music. By universal Love, I mean that good energy that you can feel but can’t quite name. That stuff that everything is made of, that vibration that is more powerful than darkness, than evil. We’re all capable of going in either direction – more towards our dark side, or more towards the light. I choose the light and I choose to express it through creating and sharing music. I want to add something positive and authentic to the world, in a way that you can feel and relate to.