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“Jennie is great! So much fun to work with, her talent and range is limitless!”
Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor

“Jennie brings back what has been generally missing in music for the last 10 years…true artistry. She is capable of far more than the average pop singer.”
Ari Raskin

“Jennie Laws is my official new find in the music firmament. She does pride to my heart when I witness her strong composition, especially “Heavenly’. Her singing is truly soulful and heart felt…She playfully reminds me of Alicia Keys Baby sister…Why? ‘Cause she’s got a gift straight from God that the world will know in time as Genius. She is fearless in her piano prowess as well. Her arranging skills are something to make Arif Mardin proud. Her songwriting would touch the heart of the most high Genius Laura
Nyro. And dare I say, even the hardened hearts of most music executives, would bow. And I Narada Michael Walden, (whom I was told recently has had 56# 1’s), am planning to continue to record with Jennie and to make a sound the world will love. This is a promise and I believe in her as a true passionate artist who is refreshing to soul music as watermelons are to the taste buds….Amen I say to thee, Jennie this is your time to shine and I love you with all of my heart.”
Narada Michael Walden

“In a word,… Brilliance… Timeless, warm, soul stirring. How music was always intended to be.”
Glenn Lewis

“I hear a delicate sensuality with every heartfelt melodic choice Jennie Laws makes in her vocal performances. I love this girls voice. The songwriting/production is honest and unpretentious. A homage to the glory days of soul music. I look forward to watching the world embrace this amazing artist ! ”
Eric Benet

“Jennie is fresh, talented and beautiful from the inside out…Her musicality is undeniable, and I look forward to creating some musical memories with her.”
Leon Ware

“I’ve never seen someone put so much of themselves into their craft. I love seeing people’s reaction to her music too. No one expects to hear this kind of soul come out of this little package! Jennie Laws is one of the most inspiring artists alive musically and spirituality. The world is about to see why.”
Jacob Luttrell



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With distinctive and dynamic vocal artistry, unique and original songwriting skills and wide range of influences and inspirations, Jennie Laws has emerged as a beautiful and brilliantly talented new arrival on the cutting edge of today’s music.

Yet for all her extraordinary gifts, the Toronto-born singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist is perhaps most notable for her ability to bring it all together in one accessible and appealing package. Small wonder word of mouth has been spreading steadily since Jennie Laws first began recording and performing, both in her hometown and for a growing fan base from New York to Los Angeles and beyond. She has had the opportunity to work with such leading industry tastemakers such as THX, Jahi from State of Emergency, Mateo Laboriel, Pascal Guyon, Sebastian Rogers, Dayyon Alexander and more, as well as open up for Bruno Mars and sing background vocals for INXS and Michael Buble.

Her buzz continues to grow louder with the release of her second independent project featuring such originals as “Your Love,” “Love Easily” and “I Need You” featuring soul sensation Dwele and co-written with legendary songwriter Leon Ware. It’s a collection that effortlessly spans musical genres while at the same time laying claim to a style that is wholly and completely her own. Mixing contemporary urban grooves with folk flavored nuances and soul-tinged flourishes, Jennie Laws has fashioned an alluring soundscape that draws on a lifetime of music making and points to a promising future for this passionate and polished young artist.



Jennie has already written for & with the likes of The Lylas (Bruno Mars' sisters,) Saidah Baba Talibah, Kickraux, Promise & many more artists on the rise. She is in the studio weekly writing for music industry veteran & publisher Mike Lynn & collaborating with producers of all different styles.


Jennie is often hired to record vocals for demos & songs that need manifesting. She's been training as a vocalist since she was 11 years old & working almost as long in the studio, live & as a vocal coach. She's even sang background vocals for Michael Buble & INXS & is endorsed by Lewitt Microphones.




Jennie has been playing guitar since she was 9 years old & piano since she was 10, growing up serenading her friends & family around the campfire at the beach or in the beautiful Canadian wilderness. She uses instruments as songwriting tools & to accompany herself when she performs. She can write for every instrument, & is known behind the scenes as a string arranger for many incredible artists such as Anjulie, Ryan Beatty, Saidah Baba Talibah, Josiah Bell, Jenna Andrews and more. She is passionate about vintage instruments & analog equipment & plays a Gibson Epiphone Hummingbird acoustic guitar.




Jennie has been performing since she was very young in dance recitals & musicals, but didn't start performing in bands or vocal groups until the age of 14. Every time she performs in front of an audience she blossoms more, & people are always mesmerized by her angelic yet strong, soulful voice. She's been training again as a dancer so expect her performances to get even more interesting in the near future!



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Jennie Laws New Music Live

Jennie Laws Performing Live at “New Sound in the Six”

The Opera House
31 May Thursday

Jennie Laws live at Shangri-La

188 University Avenue
17 Nov Friday

Jennie Laws trio LIVE at Harlem

67 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1N9
Harlem Restaurant
3 Dec Saturday

Harlem live Halloween weekend!

67 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1N9
Harlem Restaurant
29 Oct Saturday

Recovery Day Toronto

5100 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
Mel Lastman Square
18 Sep Sunday

Up From The Roots Showcase

1585 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1T9
Lula Lounge
4 Sep Sunday